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First log and images from our trip to Guyana this past October:

Our journey begins at the Georgetown airport. We are greeted by brethren from the Safire congregation and begin our 5 hour trip to Springlands where we board our boat for the up river voyage to Orellea. We arrive in Orellea around midnight and are greeted by brother Jacob, the preacher of the Orellea church. He had arranged for help carrying our baggage to the new village guest house. After a short nights sleep we begin our work in the village, visiting members and inviting villagers to the nights campaign. Over the next 5 days we continued visiting members, encouraging them and conducting a nightly crusade. We had between 30 to 60 people in attendance nightly We also conducted several bible studies and baptized 10 precious souls into Christ, as well as restoring 15 members back to the church. We also provided needed over the counter medicines to those in need and reading glasses also. Brother Tim Davis and I Took a day trip further up river to Aporea to deliver some material to the brother who has taken over the preaching duties there.

After 5 days in Orellea we head back down river to Springlands, arriving there around midnight. The tide is such that we are unable to go ashore so we spend the rest of the night on the boat, disembarking at dawn. We secure a Tapir (small taxi) to carry our luggage to brother Anil’s house where we will be stayed for the rest of our time in Guyana. Brother Anil is the preacher in village 64 and has been working with us for several years. He is a very tireless and dynamic worker for the Lord. The church in village 77 had prepared for us to conduct a 2 night crusade with them so we spent the next 2 days visiting members and encouraging them and inviting villagers out to the crusade. We had about 30 people nightly.

Brother Tim Davis and brother Wayne Pruitte had arranged for several congregations of the Lords church to come together Sunday for worship and fellowship at the Kildona church. It was such an uplifting experience to be with over 200 brethren singing and worshiping our Lord. After service we had a fellowship meal and had the opportunity to meet these brothers and sisters in Christ. A great time was had by all.

On Monday, the day before we were to leave we visited the Georgetown School of Preaching. We met with the students and were very impressed with their dedication to the Lord. They are currently planning a campaign into one of the Amerindian villages that one of the students is from.

The Lords work is alive in Guyana and Suriname, but it needs your help to continue. If you wish to contribute to this work you can do so by sending it to Lake Forest Church of Christ, Bush Master Missions.

For more information, please contact us.

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