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The Fishers of Men Ministry is a twelve-week course of specialized training in person-to-person evangelism. There are eleven 2 ½ hour classes held for eleven consecutive weeks. Nightly homework on first principles plus Bible studies with non-Christians is required for graduation. A graduation banquet is held on week twelve. Each student enrolled in the Course is asked to commit himself to faithfully attending the classes and completing all assigned homework, averaging about an hour each day. The curriculum is geared to the typical member of the church of Christ with little or no experience in teaching the gospel. The FOM course entails daily Bible study and training in methods of reaching and teaching the lost.

Course Topics:

  • Discovering and developing one's interest in home Bible study
  • Assessing the "heart condition" of prospects
  • How and where to get definite appointments for home Bible study
  • Dealing with questions and objections
  • Teaching effectively
  • Creating Godly sorrow
  • Persuading Scripturally
  • Method Used

The FOM course is designed to significantly increase the Christian's effectiveness in one-on-one teaching of the gospel. All of the principles and most of the procedures taught in the Course are effective with whatever scriptural teaching tool used. During the Course the Search for Truth Series is used exclusively.

Several members of Lake Forest church of Christ recently completed this 12 week course and were proud to have conducted over 100 bible studies with over 50 people.

Since the class has ended, all those who participated in the FOM course meet every fourth Wednesday of each month to follow up on current and ongoing bible studies and other FOM happenings.

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