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Ladies' Classes:
Ryan Frederick, our minister, teaches a weekly Bible class that meets every Wednesday at 10 am at the church building.

Ladies' Night Out:
Once a month, one or two ladies will host a 'Ladies' Night Out' and plan something fun for everyone to do together. Anything goes from dinner to painting pottery to karaoke. The ladies get together, kick their heels up and have fun and fellowship together.

Annual Ladies' Day:
Every year Lake Forest hosts a Ladies' Day, inviting all ladies from surrounding congregations, friends and family. Each year presents a new theme with guest speakers, singing, scripture reading, and lunch. Our aim is to feed spiritually, encourage through fellowship and above all glorify God in all things.


2019 - (Sep 21) Learning to Live Without. Speakers: Amanda Swearingen, Kiersten Williams, Melissa Blackman, Amy Hill (program) audio: Amanda, Kiersten, Melissa, Amy
2018 - (Sep 15) Being A Woman God Can Use. Speaker: Simone Beans (program) audio: Session 1, Session 2
2017 - (Sep 9) The Guiding Light. Speaker: Linda Farley (program) audio: Linda
2016 - (Sep 24) Drinking From the Saucer. Speakers: Amy Hill & Melissa Blackman (program) audio: Amy, Melissa
2015 - (Sep 26) Falling for the Lord. Speaker: Jocelyn Farber (program) audio: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3
2014 - (Sep 27) Buttons, Bows & Blessings (Luke 1:45). Speakers: Judy Parsley & Ginger Swearingen (program) audio: Judy, Ginger
2013 - Godly Ladies (Proverbs 32:25-26). Speakers: Heather McGrath & Amy Hill (program)
2012 - It's Your Serve. Speaker: Amanda Swearingen (program)
2011 - Peace, The Gift of God. Speakers: Angelique Williams & Judy Dixon (program)
2010 - What the Deaf Woman Heard (Philippians 2:15). Speaker: Toni Jackson (program)

Special Occasions:
Not to be outdone, our ladies always throw our members the most creative and innovative baby and bridal showers. They really show off how they can use their talents for the Lord's work by supporting all the ladies of the congregation in helping celebrate all special occasions in their lives with pazazz and flair!


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