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The Lake Forest men are very active here in the work. Our men are God’s leaders in the church and also in the homes. Each year, we have a Men’s Breakfast and Devotional. In 2016, in lieu of a Men's Breakfast, we held a Men's Day, similar to the annual Ladies' Day; this is planned as an annual event to be held the last Saturday in January. At times we have Men’s outings doing fun activities such as golf, paintball, etc. We have work days at the building for our men as well as evangelism campaigns such as door knocking in our local community.

Four of our men serve as elders here, five serve as deacons, and many others serve as Bible class teachers, lead in services, and various other roles.

Men's Day:
2018-3rd Annual (Jan 27):
Lake Forest hosted its third Men's Day Jan 27, 2018. There were three speakers giving lessons on 4 topics: Wes Hazel (Forrest Park-Valdosta), Steve Atnip (Black Creek), and Victor Eskew (Oceanside). The men enjoyed doughnuts/coffee, fellowship, singing, 4 great lessons focused on Christian men, and lunch.

2020 - Our Identity in Christ
   Brandon Britton - "Who Am I?" (mp4 video) (mp3 audio)
   Victor Eskew - " Who the World Sees" (mp4 video) (mp3 audio)
   Brandon Britton - "Who My Family Sees" (mp4 video) (mp3 audio)
   Victor Eskew - "Who the Church Sees" (mp4 video) (mp3 audio) (PPTX)

2019 - Defending the Faith
   Ben Giselbach - Defending the Heart (PPTX)
   Caleb Colley - Defending the Truth (PPTX)
   Ben Giselbach - Defending the Role of Men (PPTX)
   Caleb Colley - Raising Defenders (PPTX)

2018 - The Anatomy of a Man
   Wes Hazel - The Heart of a Man (PPTX)
   Steve Atnip - The Eyes of a Man
   Victor Eskew - The Hands of a Man (PPTX)
   Wes Hazel - The Mouth of a Man (PPTX)

2017-2nd Annual (Jan 28):
Lake Forest hosted its second Men's Day. There were two speakers from area congregations: David Dixon (Wesconnett) and Bill Davis (Arlington). The men enjoyed fellowship, singing, 4 great lessons focused on Christian men, and lunch.

2017 - Rise Up O Men of God
   David Dixon - 1st session (Rise Up Like Joseph PPTX)
   Bill Davis - 2nd session
   David Dixon - 3rd session (Rise Up Like Daniel PPTX)
   Bill Davis - 4th session

2016-1st Annual (Jan 16):
Lake Forest hosted its first Men's Day, inviting men from surrounding congregations to join. The men enjoyed fellowship, singing, listening to our men bring lessons focused on Christian men, and lunch.

2016 - WE ARE...
   We Are Fathers - David Rogers
   We Are Brothers - Ryan Frederick (presentation)
   We Are Examples - David Compton
   We Are Faithful - Maynard Booher



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