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Missions & Benevolence
Almost daily we receive pleas from someone needing assistance in some way. While we cannot answer every plea, we do try to read every letter with consideration. Each year we include support for a number of missions, as well as emergency needs in our budget.

Some missions that we currently support are:

  • Wayne Pruett - Guyana
  • Terry Pittman - Guyana
  • Barry Hatcher - Indonesia
  • Guyana Preaching Student
  • Scott Shanahan - Micronesia
  • Gary Wyder - Prison Work
  • Timothy Wilkes - Fishers Of Men
  • Latin American Preaching Student
  • Jack Farber - Latin American Missionary
  • Raintree Village - Valdosta, GA
  • Rainbow Omega - Estaboga, AL
  • Member Mission Trips
  • The Voice of Truth Magazine

Bush Master Missions log from their second trip to Guyana in February:

Our journey begins in Georgetown Guyana at 12:00am when we are greeted by local brethren. Unfortunately two members of the team are on a flight that arrives at 2:00am and we have to wait for their arrival. When they arrive the six American team members, along with several brethren, tightly load into the van and begin the 5 hour trip to brother Annils home. Once we arrive there we shower and discuss our plans for the work to be done on this trip. Half of the team members, Wayne Pruitte, Tim Davis, and Mike Inman, will travel to Paramaribo, Suriname for the Caribbean lectureship, at which they will be speaking. The other three, Curtis Petty, Mitch Embry, and myself will travel to Kingly to build an indoor bathroom for the church there. When we arrive at the building at Kingly we discover that the preacher and his wife are living in a single room addition that is 10’x10’, barely large enough for them. The decision was made to not only build the bathroom but also add another 10’x20’ of living space for them. We spend the next 4 days building during the day and conducting services in the evening. On the 5th day we head back to Annils. From there we separate to preach at several local congregations, edifying them and conducting bible studies. We have a baptism in village 77. Sunday afternoon we board a boat for the 6 hour ride to Orellea. Arriving there, we settle into our guest house and early the next morning we spread out in the village, in teams of two, too visit church members, edifying them and providing them with over the counter medicines they may need. We also invite villagers to the evening services and offer them bible studies, of which several agree to. During our stay in Orellea we have 3 baptisms. The church in Orellea is doing well and brother Jacob is doing a great job there. During our stay there Tim, Mike, Annil, brother Rickford Williams and myself take a trip further up river to Aporea to visit the church there. We stay 2 nights and conduct services. We also deal with some problems that the church was having. After leaving Orellea and arriving back on the coast the team again splits and Tim, Mike and myself fly to Paramakatoi, a village located in the mountains near Brazil. Our main objective there is to map out plans for future evangelism in surrounding villages, while there we also conduct services each afternoon. We have between 60 and 82 in attendance each afternoon. On the last afternoon we distribute clothing and reading glasses. We also treat several villagers for various ailments while there.

I would like to take a moment to tell you of a young man we made a special visit to while we were in Paramaktoi, one of the members approached us and asked if we could go with him down the mountain to visit, study and pray with his cousin who had been bed ridden for approximately a year and not expected to live much longer. When we arrived at the house, I use the word loosely, we found a 19 year old boy lying in a hammock, very weak, with a catheter bag sitting on a stool at his side. Brother Tim studied with him and he understood what he needed to do, however the creek was several yards away down a steep hill and he did not feel strong enough to get there and he said he was cold and did not think he could take the cold water. We tried to locate another source of water but were unable to. We were very saddened by this and we would like to request that you pray for this young man, his cousin promised us that he would continue to visit and hopefully baptize him. Before we left we all prayed for him and his family.

Tim, Mike and I arrived back in Georgetown on Wed. afternoon and met up with the rest of the team and prepared for our return home the next day.

The trip was very successful, we visited several congregations, edified many, provided medicines, reading glasses, bibles and clothing, baptized 4 precious souls into Christ and planted many seeds that we pray will someday in the near future produce Christians.

Please continue to pray for our work and the Christians in Guyana as well as those worldwide.

Your Brother in Christ,
Terry L. Pittman
BushMaster Missions
950 W. Edgewood Ave.
Jacksonville, Fl. 32208

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