Lads to Leaders
Fishers of Man
Missions & Benevolence
At Lake Forest, we believe that the children are the future of the church. Jesus spoke of the importance of children in Matthew 18:2-6. We have a responsibility to teach our children. That responsibility falls upon parents first and foremost (Eph. 6:1-4). However, we all play a role in teaching those who are younger than we are (Tit. 2:1-8).

From our Bible classes to devotionals, youth rallies, camps, VBS, lock-ins, Lads to Leaders, service projects and other activities, our youth are taught to love God and to love one another in serving Him.

We also have activities for our younger age groups such as our yearly Vacation Bible School, Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes, our Pew Packers class that meets every Sunday at 4:55 pm (3rd grade and under), CandyWalk in October, Easter Egg Hunt, and other activities throughout the year.


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